"Then confront them with their detestable practices, for they have committed adultery and blood is on their hands." (Ez 23:3637)

It was a defining summer, this summer of 2003. The U.S. Supreme Court decriminalized sodomy and Episcopalians ratified a gay bishop.

This summer had the marks of that defining winter 30 years ago when the Supreme Court approved abortion on demand. Both points in time have attacked our core values the first, the sanctity of human life, the later, sexual morality and the sanctity of marriage. Unfettered bloodshed was legalized in 1973. Unfettered perversion was legalized in 2003. The U.S. Supreme Court just pushed God aside.

All of this in just 30 years not long in the rise and decline of nations. Sadly, we're not slouching toward Gomorrah, we're passing Gomorrah.

In this ThirtyYear War, and counting, secularism seems to be triumphing. Secularism of course doesn't usually deny God outright; it just says, If He exists, He's irrelevant. Secularism is agnosticism ruling the public square in our case, agnosticism tipped toward atheism. Secularism seems troubled primarily with the God of Scripture. It doesn't seem too concerned with the other more politically correct gods of the Hindus, Muslims, Buddhists, Animists, and so forth.

With the legalizing of sodomy, what do the next 30 years portend?

Look at the last 30 years and the consequences of legalizing abortion: Some 42+ million of our unborn have been destroyed meaning the womb has become the tomb; The abortion culture has become so embedded that a child of any age can have an abortion without her parents knowledge or approval; A father cannot protect his unborn child if the mother decides to kill it.

In 1973, if these consequences had been told to abortion proponents, they would have screamed their denial and laughed in derision. Most of the press, politicians, public, and even too many preachers would have meekly gone along with the denial and laughter. Which is in fact what did happen when abortion opponents such as Francis Schaeffer and Malcolm Muggeridge vigorously predicted that we would go down the slippery slope and someday even embrace euthanasia.

The chilling, and defining, aspect now is that we have slid down the slippery slope so far that we are sinning boldly we are aggressive in promoting the evils we practice. For instance we not only believe in abortion, we vehemently argue for abortion. We insist it be a right. Being vigorously for abortion is a political and social asset every one of the Democratic candidates for president has stridently professed their belief that killing in the womb is morally right. What we've done is given abortion and sodomy our societal endorsement; we've institutionalized these evils. Our peril cannot be overstated. [Watch for our next column to discuss this further.]

It is not possible to predict fully what may result from the tragic decisions of this summer of sodomy even Schaeffer and Muggeridge in 1973 could not have foreseen the coming devastation of 42 million unborn killed in America, plus the millions more killed in Britain and other Western nations.

Yet we may have clues. This summer's decisions certainly gave "homosexual unions" a strong boost, so traditional marriage increasingly will be attacked. Congress is discussing a Constitutional amendment to define marriage as between a man and a woman.

The Episcopal Church in America will probably divide, with the liberal side further embracing apostasy and abominations, and shriveling, as it deserves.

There will be many more attacks on our nation's core values. But whatever ensues, the most devastating and damning effect will be on our children and grandchildren as we increase in teaching them to sin: Recently we saw female pop stars brazenly kiss on a nationally broadcast MTV awards program; and Sept. 9 the California state Assembly passed a bill allowing public schools to teach and survey students on sexual topics without written parental permission.

Looking ahead 30 years assumes we'll last that long. We could have a 30 year collapse: How many sins will we institutionalize; How debased will we become in teaching our children to sin; How many hits will we make on our core values; How far will we go in pushing God out before their consequences crash down on us?

Repentance is our national priority repentance from my house to your house to the church house to the White House.

It's urgent that we in the pulpit lead with fervent calls for repentance with tears. Such calls should be our defining response to our nation's need. With such calls we will most nobly serve our country!

We cannot wait 30 years to repent, nor 30 months, or 30 days, or even 30 hours. Every delay only hardens us in our sin. The urgency is now, within the next 30 minutes!

Let us pray together: Father, our society is defining itself by its approval of such sins as abortion and sexual perversion, revealing our deeper pride and antagonism toward You. Oh Lord, let calls for repentance come from pulpits across America and Western society. Use such calls as catalysts for revival. We earnestly ask this in the Name of Jesus Christ, Your Son, and our Savior and Lord. Amen.


[As mentioned, abortion and immorality now receive our societal endorsement; they are now institutionalized sins. We'll look at this in our next column.]