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A Time To Say “YES LORD”

           Today I wrote to a dear friend who came to the realization of life in the Lord the same time I did. I like to refer to it as meeting and moving forward with my first love.  It sure was an eye opener to go back over past memories.  Realize just how far the Lord has brought me, but also showed me there is still a long way to go.  In fact, God will never be finished as long as I yield to the things he shows me.  It is when I stammer and put off what He is showing me that I seem to fall into a slump.  Why, He is waiting for me to finally say “yes Lord” and get on with what He has already shown me.

Do you often have times like this or am I the only one. 

          Writing to my friend I was reminded of our first years walking with the Lord.  I will not speak for her but I know I felt I was in a good place. (I had accepted the Lord and was a Christian.)  It did not take long before I began to see and feel that I really wasn’t in such a good place.  I enjoyed working in the garage, writing articles about the Lord and things He was showing me.  All the time I was excitedly moving in the things of the Lord, I was in a place, I would later see as a sinful place for me.  It never dawned on me I was continuing in a habit that God would show me was not right for me.  As time went on and conviction of my actions came, I also found that I would have a great deal of compassion for people with the same problem I was trying to move away from.  Today I can sit back and say, Thank You Lord, for not moving away from me in a time that I was ignorant of the sin I was in.  It was a time of training and learning that I needed before I could come to the reality of my failure. 

          When you think of it isn’t that what we are always doing?  Our life is a learning process we can humbly look at where we are then move forward in the lesson God has for us. First comes a time of acknowledgment of our sin.  Second is a period of repentance.  Once we have walked through these two areas we are ready to move on with God’s forgiveness and new life that He has already gone ahead and prepared for us.

          This time I shared some eye opening experience with you.  We do serve an awesome God and He is faithful in His love for us.  He loves us so much that He will not leave us in our misery.  We only need to ask Him and He will be faithful to bring us to a place of change that we might move on to the next plateau He has prepared for us.  Yes, we do have an awesome God that will not leave us and is waiting for us to take that step and ask Him.  I do hope that after reading this you are ready for change and will truly seek what God has prepared for you.

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