A Divided Heart
Called To Train Speaking Life
A Time To Say “YES LORD” Remembrance
Bringing Forth Testimony


It is on my heart to encourage all of you to speak life into your families, neighbors and those you are around each day. It all started with me around ten years ago when the wife of our homegroup leader started speaking life into my husband. The leader’s wife used to meet my husband when we arrived and would call him “A Mighty Man of God”.  At that particular time I didn’t see him as a “A Mighty Man of God”. This continued for some time and the sister remained consistent with her encouragement of my husband.  Here it is many years later and I am married to a “Mighty Man of God”.  I look back on those days and recall how my husband was encouraged and built up by one women’s faithful ministry.

The story does not end there, as time went on the truth concerning God’s faithfulness was revealed to me.  I learned that God has made many promises to us; we only need to walk in faith for them to become reality in our lives and the lives of those around us. Prayer is a mandatory element to go along with moving in what God has already given us.  He says it, we must believe it and move in the situation knowing it is already done and we will see the reality as we walk in the faith that He said it - so it is.

Faith moved me forward and I began speaking, you are a “Mighty Man of God” into my son’s life. I did not know how this would manifest itself.  I do know God is faithful to the promises He has given us.  Just the other day, four years after speaking these words into my son’s life I received an email with encouraging words from him that He had been seeing the Lord’s hand in the lives of his father and I as well as in his own.  I must tell you my heart leapt as I read my child’s words.  Not that our training had sunk into his life, but that the reality of faith in God had taken a stand in our son’s life. 

What I’ve been saying in this article is simple.  We cannot ever know what God is doing on behalf of those that believe Him and walk in faith.  This all started out years ago with the faith and prayers of one woman. That same faith and prayer has been faithful through the years and now is a blessing in my life and that of my offspring. It is there for all of us to apprehend.  

This has been just one instance of the faithfulness of our God.  This one instance has touched many lives and continues to do so.  It is these instances that result in bringing Glory to our God.  Isn’t that what our lives are all about?

                   BELIEVE                                                    APPREHEND
                             WALK IN FAITH                                       ALL THAT GOD HAS
                                    RECEIVE                                                    APPREHENDED                                                                                                                                 YOU  FOR BRINGING GLORY TO GOD