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Remembrance Bringing Forth Testimony


          In September 1976 I went to my husband on one of those occasions that we were talking and told him I knew I was becoming too attracted to a business associate who had taken the time to listen and console me.  If he didn’t (my husband) get me out of that town we would no longer have a marriage.  He heard what I was saying and the Lord was with us.  Within 30 days the family had moved and my husband was working at even a better job.  We were now living at the other end of the  east coast.


          We didn’t know Jesus at this time, but this was a miracle of the Lord just keeping us together.  God carried us forward and even chose the place we were to live and call home.  We were purchasing a home in New York only to find out the day the movers were in Florida that the bank wouldn’t let us have the loan.  That was another miracle of God.  It was the first and only time we ran into any kind of credit problem.  Thank you Jesus!  The realestate people worked with us for a couple of days to try and solve the problem to no avail.  Driving down the road in a town we didn’t know, located 50 miles from where my husband was working, we spotted this lovely house with a for rent sign in the window.  Yes, that was the home God put us into. It was located on "All Angels Hill Road" next door to a young man we fondly called that “Hallelujah Kid” and just down the street from the grange which turned out to be the home of the Fellowship of New Covenant Believers.

        Well, you are probably already seeing some of the miracles now.  Yes, the “Hallelujah Kid” was the first to witness to my husband, myself and our three girls.  He started taking the girls to his church which just happened to be the one at the grange.  My husband and I were still having our problems; running away certainly had not cured them.  I was about to leave, bags packed etc.  and the “reliable car” would not start.  Another miracle of God.  After several tries to start the car to no avail the power of God interceded.  The phone rang; it was a call from my past that jarred me into reality of what I was doing.  Breaking up our home.  I got off the phone, went to my husband and said my place was there with him as a wife and mother to our children.  Right after that we needed to go to the market and the car was the usual “old reliable”.


          We went to church with our neighbor and the girls; must admit that was a crazy place.  My mother used to tell me about people like that.  Funny thing though, we knew we had been to a special place.  A place where people were real and seemed to care.  After that, the “Hallelujah Kid” invited us to a Full Gospel Business Men’s breakfast where we saw a lot of people with peace and love for one another.  My husband accepted an invitation for a new life in Christ at that meeting.  I left that meeting still with huge walls encompassing me.  I refused to hear on the surface what was being deposited into my spirit.  I was still very unhappy in my circumstances and not functioning particularly well.  The “Hallelujah Kid” and my husband thought it would help if I would agree to go for counseling which I did and, we did.  That counseling session was held at the home of a pastor of the Fellowship of New Covenant Believers.  I entered that home with walls around me so tall that I just knew I would never be vulnerable or hurt again.  Thos walls were there to stay and they were my only protection.  I had become a very hard calloused person.


             That afternoon, after much love and many tears, I met a man called Jesus, that one took away all the ugliness of the past, broke down the walls that had been built up through the years and just washed me with His Blood to the point that I was a snow white child of the King.

When I left that Home, I was a new person; the past no longer held me, there was a clean slate in front of me.  There were many things that in a supernatural way were just removed from my life.  I was able to look at my husband with new eyes and our relationship hade a fresh new beginning.  Christ had moved me to a place of needing Him and wanting Him to control my life.  I wish I could stop here and jump to today, but I can’t.  I know in my Spirit the things that are going to be brought forth from here need to be testified to.


          We started functioning in the Fellowship as a family with our three girls involved in a new life.  We found we were being joined as family by the Lord with people in the local body.


          I will continue this testimony in future articles.  Be assured that our Lord has many places for us to learn from one another.  Many times the Lord uses testimony of others to speak to a spot in our lives that needs to conform to God’s ways.  Above you will fine a way to contact me.  Don’t hesitate as I am a sister God has put in this place to be available as needed.  God bless you all