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The articles here were written by her.
Gloria's Place
The Joy
Of Being A Godly Woman
Proverbs 31:10-31
     An excellent wife, who can find? For her worth is far above jewels. The heart of her husband trusts in her,  And he will have no lack of gain. She does him good and not evil All the days of her life ....
Charm is deceitful and beauty is vain, But a woman who fears the Lord, she shall be praised. Give her the product of her hands,
                                                And let her works praise her in the gates.

In 1984 I wrote a testimony of my introduction to the Lord and how that had worked through my life.  After reading through the eight pages I decided that I should perhaps share it in segments.  The following is the first portion of a testimony from the article I wrote back in 1984.

Remembrance Bringing Forth Testimony
  Part 1


          In September 1976 I went to my husband on one of those occasions that we were talking and told him I knew I was becoming too attracted to a business associate who had taken the time to listen and console me.  If he didn’t (my husband) get me out of that town we would no longer have a marriage.  He heard what I was saying and the Lord was with us.  Within 30 days the family had moved and my husband was working at an even better job.  We were now living at the other end of the  east coast.

          We didn’t know Jesus at this time, but this was a miracle of the Lord just keeping us together.  God carried us forward and even chose the place we were to live and call home.  We were purchasing a home in New York only to find out the day the movers were in Florida that the bank would not approve our mortgage application.  That was another miracle of God.  It was the first and only time we ran into any kind of credit problem.  Thank you Jesus!  The real estate people worked with us for a couple of days to try and solve the problem to no avail.  Driving down the road in a town we didn’t know, located 50 miles from where my husband was working, we spotted this lovely house with a for rent sign in the window.  Yes, that was the home God put us into. It was located on "All Angels Hill Road" next door to a young man we fondly called that “Hallelujah Kid” and just down the street from the grange which turned out to be the home of the Fellowship of New Covenant Believers. Praise God, that the bank wouldn’t let us have the loan.
            Well, you are probably already seeing some of the miracles now.  Yes, the “Hallelujah Kid” was the first to witness to my husband, myself and our three girls.  He started taking the girls to his church which just happened to be the one at the grange just up the street from where we rented.  My husband and I were still having our problems;
running away certainly had not cured them.  I was about to leave, bags packed etc.  and the “reliable car” would not start.  Another miracle of God.  After several tries to start the car to no avail the power of God interceded.  The phone rang; it was a call from my past that jarred me into reality of what I was doing.  Breaking up our home.  I got off the phone, went to my husband and said my place was there with him as a wife and mother to our children.  Right after that we needed to go to the market and the car was the usual “old reliable”.

          We went to church with our neighbor and the girls; must admit that was a crazy place. These people even held there hands in the air to praise God! My mother used to tell me about people like that.  Funny thing though, we knew we had been to a special place.  A place where people were real and seemed to care.  After that, the “Hallelujah Kid” invited us to a Full Gospel Business Men’s breakfast where we saw a lot of people with peace and love for one another.  My husband accepted an invitation for a new life in Christ at that meeting.  I left that meeting still with huge walls encompassing me.  I refused to hear on the surface what was being deposited into my spirit.  I was still very unhappy in my circumstances and not functioning particularly well.  The “Hallelujah Kid” and my husband thought it would help if I would agree to go for counseling which I did and, we did.  That counseling session was held at the home of a pastor of the Fellowship of New Covenant Believers.  I entered that home with walls around me so tall and thick that I just knew I would never be vulnerable or hurt again.  Those walls were there to stay and they were my only protection.  I had become a very hard calloused person.

<>             That afternoon, after much love and many tears, I met a man called Jesus. He took away all the ugliness of the past, broke down the walls that had been built up through the years and just washed me with His Blood to the point that I was a snow white child of the King.

When I left that Home, I was a new person; the past no longer held me, there was a clean slate in front of me.  There were many things that in a supernatural way were just removed from my life.  I was able to look at my husband with new eyes and our relationship had a fresh new beginning.  Christ had moved me to a place of needing Him and wanting Him to control my life.  I wish I could stop here and jump to today, but I can’t.  I know in my Spirit the things that are going to be brought forth from here need to be testified to.

          We started functioning in the Fellowship as a family with our three girls involved in a new life.  We found we were being joined as family by the Lord with people in the local body.

           I will continue this testimony in future articles.  Be assured that our Lord has many places for us to learn from one another.  Many times the Lord uses testimony of others to speak to a spot in our lives that needs to conform to God’s ways. 

Above you will find a way to contact me.  Don’t hesitate as I am a sister God has put in this place to be available as needed.  God bless you all

Remembrance Bringing Forth Testimony
 Part 2


We learned a tremendous amount from this Bible Teaching Church we were at, and from the actions of the people that attended it regularly. Somehow, I ended up with head knowledge. There seemed to be ways that were blocked from my heart. I functioned outwardly with the trappings of a born again Christian, which I really thought I was, with the Spirit working in my life. The problem was, I seldom listened to the Spirit within, nor had I been willing to totally give up to the Lord. I managed to let those walls start to build up again, not against my husband, but against God along with everything and everyone. I liked the place I found in the Pastor’s living room with Jesus, I tried to live there by shutting everything else out. You see, I needed to handle things; I needed to be worthy to stay in that place. I brought myself, by myself to a point of following the law of Gloria.

        At this point I should tell you that the law of Gloria was a place of struggling. Yes, I had received Jesus into my life, I was filled with the Spirit, but, I had not given up to the Lordship of Christ. I had a mirror image that I needed to follow and it was an impossible image. It was not the standard of Jesus, so I thought. I found myself pulling away from those that loved me fearing they would see the real me, that I really wasn’t the person they believed me to be. They would see that I couldn’t fulfill the place of a good wife, mother, and church worker. Days started turning into months and years while I was trying to be the woman I wasn’t called to be.

            The word says there are those that will call me Lord, but, will never know me. I pray that you are not one of those that are in such a fruitless, horrifying place to live. Not to like yourself, not to trust God, really to be living within yourself trying to manage yourself in an unmanageable world. I kept hearing about all the things God was doing in the lives of others and wondered why He didn’t do those things in my life. Oh yes, He was blessing me. There were those special times when I would yield to the Spirit that I was even used by the Lord, but, this was a period of time when I was overlooking much that God was doing in my life. He was always there with His hand outstretched just waiting for me to take hold of it.  Really that was my problem.  I could not get there.  The Lord carried me these times in the Palm of His Hand.

           I was so busy outwardly doing what “I was supposed to be doing”, I continued to, so often, miss the still small voice of the Spirit within that kept repeating over and over ‘it has all been done for you, just be still and claim what is already yours”. During this time some of the people that we had been yoked to left the church. I am sorry to say, people left because God was moving them to a deeper commitment in Him. and to His body. The growth was at a point that the Body was sensitive in Christ; the family of Christ was becoming transparent to one another. There was a calling to be a mature Christian, not to continue to be baby Christians. That kind of a call is an impossible place to walk if you are walking on your own strength and not on the strength of the Spirit through Christ. I praise God for that miracle too. He did not let me retreat as uncomfortable as my life had become, I never lost sight of the fact that I needed what the functioning people in the church had and I wasn’t going to give up till I had it. I had a taste of the sweetness of my Lord in that living room the day I first committed to Him and I wanted to live in that place if, I could only get there.

      Through the years, I had been blest with teachings that few Christians are able to receive, blest with counseling by loving authority I know there has been much prayer, care and love from others put forth on my behalf. I regret the spiritual pain I have caused others. As many times as God provided those in authority to teach me, I fell back into Gloria’s Law. Consequently, I was pretty much in a depressed mood. Gloria could not do what Jesus had done for me. For a time I was trying to submit to God through my husband. This in turn was putting unbearable pressure on him. Thank God, He brought us through that and began methodically teaching us the joys of true authority under Him as He had established it and designed it to work.

        I rejoice in the fact that God is faithful; He has been faithful to me and to those who put themselves forth on my behalf. His word promises blessings for those who give of themselves for another, I know, God increased them spiritually. Thank you Jesus, for your faithful saints. God brought about many “fixes’ in my life that were meant’ to bring me back to my beginnings in Him. A lot, of those “fixes” got “fixed” according to Gloria’s Law and it took one thing upon another to bring me to a point that I could admit God  loved me. That I could admit that I can’t handle anything on my own. That I can’t do anything and that I am nothing without turning over the Lordship in my life to Jesus Christ who paid for it so long ago at the cross and when He rose from the dead.

        I could not work myself into the place of righteousness, for Christ is my righteousness and I need only accept Him and let Him direct me to be righteous. I could not be the wife and mother He created me to be, He was the author of my life and is the only one that can bring it about. I certainly cannot be the finisher as that right is the creator’s alone. I had a foot in the Kingdom, but I was so busy holding on to my rights of directing my life I never saw that it was my foothold in the world. I just could not understand kingdom living while existing in the world we were born into. I saw my marriage in and out of stressful situations, I saw my children in and out of the kingdom. I finally came face to face with myself in the attitude of those around me. I began to see a mirror image of what I had really become on my own strength. It was a place of disobedience to the Father. Disobedience in every aspect. I had turned into my own god. It gives me chills of remorse just to reflect on it. I just have to stop and thank God for His Mercy.

        I didn’t break the flow of things as I was going along, but I do want to interject here that these lessons would have been much swifter if I had gotten into the word of God.  We know that the word of God is "yeah and amen".  He has put into the bible the words and principles needed to show us the way.  We do need to know that His word is the first and the last in all matters.  If we will follow He will take us to the place that He planned for us before the beginning of our lives.  He made a way, especially those times when we ourselves can not find a way.  Ask Him and He will direct your steps, one foot in front of the other.  That is all He asks, that we seek him and move one step at a time as He reveals His willfor our lives. He will honor obedience to Him.

Remembrance Bringing Forth Testimony
 Part 3


    I was brought to a point of realizing that those things I had done had only caused more pain and heartache in my life. I couldn’t direct a thing. All of a sudden everything I set my heart, mind, and hand to do turned to a disaster in my life and the lives of those around me. It was like that day the car wouldn’t start. Out of the clear blue I heard the still small voice of the Spirit saying “it has all been done for you, give up, accept Jesus as Lord of your life and turn your life over to him.” I stopped in my tracks and did just that.

            Once I gave up control of my life, the Lord opened up the passage between my head and heart. His promises have become life to me. Once I got out of the picture He was able to work in my life, and the lives of those around me. One of the first things He revealed to me was that I needed to know His love that I might be able to love others. My Father loves me with a love that is unequaled and the more of His love I accept the more I am able to release to those around me. For the first time in 42 years I am really able to say I am just beginning to know what real love is. Much has been lost during the past few years, the outcome however, is that much more has been gained.

I know that God is going to use what I have been through for His Glory and that the Praises will be His. I know that He has already begun and is going to continue to bring those that are near and dear to know Him as I do-———He has promised that to me, and to anyone that believes on Christ. He has said He will replace that which the locusts have eaten. He has said He will restore and increase. I expect that of my Father, He has said it and there lies my hope. He has said it, it is a promise and my Father does not lie, He does not change. He is the only stable thing in my life. He is the only truth and love in my life.  My Family is a stable situation, and humanly fulfilling in every way.  Still the Lord is the Lord and indisputable in every thing.  Because God went before and made a way I can depend on the truth that He gave me and that He will continue to guide my steps to the path He went before and set in place.  Faith in Him has revealed to me that He made a way even when there was no way.  

    It is now 2006 going into 2007 my faith has continued to increase and,

“I know that I know”. God has said it, He, will follow through and do it.  My prayer for all that have been reading through this testimony is that you too will know that you know that you know because God has said so and He will see to it that it is done. 

    He asks little of us.  It is imperative that we seek Him.  That we have a truthful heart and mind.  That we are quick to repent when needed.

Let God be the God of your life.  Go forth and share the joy of salvation with those around.  He has not said we need to drag others to Him, we have been told to be witness by our example.  Love your fellowman and witness the truth of the kingdom.  That is what God asks.  Help your fellowman and help direct their step by your faithfulness in Him and by sharing the truth of the word that He has given us.


 I realize this has been a lengthy remembrance.  Reference to the family has been  pretty much left out.  This concerned the family but it is the testimony I have been living.  The family, a husband three girls and a son,  are still very much intact as a unit.  All 4 of the children are now raising their children and running households of their own.  I pray that they truly will be Mighty Men and Women of God.  I pray that each day for all of them.


            Our God has been faithful to share His promises with us that He will fulfill if we will only ask Him.  We are responsible to ask knowing He will do what is best for us.  He will answer each and every prayer.  The answer will be what He knows we need.


Below are some scriptures that speak of many lessons that this testimony has shared.  The word is always trustworthy and true.  Know that you can see the hand of God as you move where He has shared with us to go.


    Rom 8:28  And we know that to them that love God all things work together for good, even to them that are called according to his purpose.

   Mat 18:19  Again I say unto you, that if two of you shall agree on earth as touching anything that they shall ask, it shall be done for them of my Father who is in heaven.

   John 14:14   If ye shall ask anything in my name, that will I do.

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